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The Volk Summer Fashion Show

Hello there,

I have been trying to relax by escaping the city to go to small town Iowa and decided to do a quick update on the blog.

So first, I just wanted to give a shout out to This Is What Makes Us Girls. The summer fashion show held by The Volk (June 2nd) at Cedars Hall was exquisite and enlightening. Not only did they offer many designers and businesses a spot within the first hour to mingle and sell product at their own booths, but they also donated a good portion of proceeds to Threads for Teens MN.The team was kind and vibrant with friendly smiles and hugs to pass around. Most everything was organized back stage and there was cute little bags of goodies to snack on. It's always fun to be part of something that betters the community and feels so natural.

Now, I will say I have been part of many fashion shows (Black Hearts Ball as a recent example) and various events in the past that love to celebrate artists and stand up for righteous causes. There are so many fantastic people within this industry and it is inspirational to see how big of a family we have in the Twin Cities. So thank you if you're reading this for participating in shows, hosting opportunities, supporting dreams, and continuing to feed love into this area. Fashion is well and alive in Minneapolis!

See some happy people now below! :D


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