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New Projects on the Way!

Hello again!

Just wanted you all to know that I am still out here, well and alive. So many great projects are coming my way this year and I am very honored to know such fantastic people! You can check out new designs from Black Hearts Ball in the Designs tab and see more on June 2nd at the This Is What Makes Us Girls show!

A few more personal shoots will be arriving during the summer and followed up with two more shows in the Fall! Then come early next year, I will have a grand announcement!! I have to thank you all for showing your continuous support and kindness for the past few years as I've grown.

I am making Prom, Wedding, and So-and-so Gowns for anyone that may have a new event so don't fret to shoot me an email by clicking the Contact tab above! As a great example, I have attached one of the recent Prom Gowns I finished to this post! Make sure to check out the gorgeous images and the wonderful gal that made the whole piece bloom!

Otherwise, enjoy your holiday weekend all! <3

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