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About Me
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Hello Everyone!


My name is Anyse and this is my *insert drumroll* About Me page!


From the beginning, I knew I wanted to go into Fashion Design. I would pick up anything I could use to create works of art at home and doodle in my notebook for hours on end. Back in elementary, I actually got in trouble with my 4th grade teacher because I drew all over my spelling test. He should be proud of me now because the spelling words stuck with me due to that connection!


I learned to embroider from my Great Grandmother. Of all people, she was the one to encourage me to work my hardest and was the one who taught me how to sew. I couldn't imagine being where I am today without the consistent love she and my Great Grandfather gave me. I live to make my art come to life and prove to them that their wisdom still guides me every day.


Architecture, music, and nature are only a few examples of influence in art. By creating simple silhouettes and etching them in with hand-embellished details, I feel I can truly express myself. One of the biggest troubles now is that fashion has become so fast-paced and cheap. While it’s not bad to catch a good deal, no one understands the time, labor, and thought process behind each garment. I go against the curve and perfect what I do with couture influences.

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