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The Red Affair

Hello Everyone,

During FWMN, I had the honor of participating in a community show that benefitted homeless youth. Through the courage of several business owners, including Jungle Red Salon, Arc's Value Village, and Avenues for Homeless Youth, designers within the Twin Cities could create fashion from upcycled materials. All pieces were donated by Arc's and merged with old materials the designers had at home. No new materials were purchased and it was a wonderful process of showing how you can utilize what you already have to make something new. All proceeds for the show, with the silent auction and yummy treats, went to Avenues. It was truly an amazing experience and I ask you heavily to note these changes as something to do in your own neighborhood. All designers were offered to have their dresses be featured in the windows at the Salon for the month of May and then able to donate for the silent auction. I'm attaching private photos I received and can't wait to continue with more projects like this in the future!

Reach out with any love and I'll try my hardest to return it!



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