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The Delacroix Gown is bright and bold, with some added scandal in the middle. The bodice is made up of a cotton lining with a polyester/rayon blend of lace to decorate the outer design. Polyester ribbon creates the off-the-shoulder straps with strips of the same lace from before decorated on the edges. A red, separating zipper closes up the back with a hook and eye at the top. The lower skirt has a waistband with the same lace turned inside out, revealing a red chiffon that clasps shut with a hook and eye at the back. The red skirt is a performance material that stretches and sways as the wearer moves. It is coated with a shimmering top layer that doesn't rub off and shines like a pool of red in the light. Each piece can be worn separately, as they aren't attached. Only the bodice is fully lined, as the skirt lays well on its own. The insides are finished and closed.


Bodice Outer: 97% Polyester, 3% Rayon


Lining: 100% Cotton


Skirt: 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

Delacroix Gown

SKU: AF016